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Correspondent:  Mrs E.O.Innes, Brean Kennels, West Monkton, Taunton.
Sales from the Columbine Kennels have been extraordinarily brisk lately, and six dogs have gone to six new homes within the last eight days.  Two callers came last Saturday, and would not be satisfied until they had tempted Miss Shaw to sell Columbine Colmar, a winning dog, and a bitch that was brought out at Bootle three weeks ago, namely, Columbine Cusag.
An excellent entry greeted Mrs Barber at the White City this last week, but exhibitors one and all were not too pleased at the place chosen.  It would be delightful on a hot summer’s day, but at the end of October it was an impossible place.  The draughts were cruel for man and beast.  We all took off coats to wrap the dogs up, and so the spectators only saw their noses poking out.
There is yet another show to be held at the Crystal Palace, on Nov.28
, at which Mr.Glynn will judge.  Ten classes for West Highland Whites are scheduled, and I am glad to see that only two are mixed classes.
Schedules for Bristol Ch.Show are out.  It is disappointing to find that West Highland Whites have not been catered for at all.  Surely if some of us had been asked to get classes guaranteed it could have been done.  If our Secretary had been written to he could have got the classes fully guaranteed.  All this year entries have improved wonderfully and in very few cases have the guarantors been called upon.  If only we could get our members worked up a little more, I am sure the breed would benefit.  There are not sufficient enthusiastic members to push things along, consequently we find ourselves left out.  This is unwise.  An attractive breed like the West Highlanders ought to figure largely at every show.

Adverts in the same paper  West highland white terriers

The property of Mrs Spottiswoode & Miss Tufnel,
Rooksnest Farm, Lambourn, Berkshire.
Phone:  Lambourn 25
Station:  Lambourn, G.W.Railway
Prize winning dog at stud
Stock of all ages for sale.
Inspection and correspondence invited.
At stud –
Brean birkie   Sire:  Highclere Rascal: dam Brean Lassie,
Short back, hard, white coat, great bone, a big winner siring winners in very litter.  Fee 3.3s Puppies of all ages for sale.
Innes, brean kennels, west monkton, taunton.

Deancourt kennels 
Of West Highlands and Cairn Terriers.
Pedigree health stock all ages for sale, show of companion.
Boarders taken, Dogs at stud.
Inspection invited
Miss P Trotter, Staindrop, Co.Durham.

Winners and sires of winners at stud. Healthy pedigree stock for sale.
Mrs Druce, “Greenbank”, Parkgate Road
Millington, Nr.Chester.
- - - o   O   o  - - -
Pedigree West Highland Terrier bitch, three years, winner in hot company 6 gns. Great sacrifice, bargain-
Rhodes, Bapton, Codford.

 9 to 18 months, must be house trained. 
Willsons Limited
37, New Oxford Street, London.

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