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Am Ch Poolmist Paddibear

Ashgate Kirkcowan of PoolmistCCBOBCombined 1984

Ashgate Kirkcowan of Poolmist CC BOB at Combined WHWT  1984 Owned and handled here by Peggy Foulkes Judge Jeanette Herbert (Glenalwyn)

Ashgate Kirkcowan of Poolmist 2nd Vet class Crufts 1993 copy

Bob Foulkes Crufts Veteran class 1984
With Ch Ashgate Kirkcowan of Poolmist
Judge Sue Thomson

Darlington 1993 BOB Ch H Highland Fling of R & Ch Wlake D Marino

Lasara team in 1981 at Leeds Ch show : from left to right Lasara show team at Leeds. Jane Kabel Leman,Look Out,Liza-Jane,B.Sunbright,Like-A-Lot, Barbara Graham with Little Toss,H.Man About Town and Lianne


Birkfell Sunbright, bred by S Cleland, owned by Lasara

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